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Sailing Training

Are you interested in learning to sail a catamaran? There are two options that are readily available!


Private Instruction

Learn to sail a catamaran or brush up on your spinnaker trimming skills with training from one of our Captains

Private instruction is offered by our recommended Captains and it is a great way to focus on just the skills you want to cover. Think of this as having your own personal mentor that will work with you to figure out what you need and how to best approach it during your Bareboat Plus Captain charter.

Private instruction is ideal if your goal is to learn and gain hands-on experience without having to take a test and obtaining a formal certification.

You'll be able to work on skills such as...

  • Docking
  • Navigation
  • Anchoring
  • Piloting
  • Sail trim and manuevers

The Captains are very experienced sailors, highly accredited, and have worked as instructors for many years. You will find they are some of the best in the teaching business.

If you are interested in a private instruction, please be sure to mention it when you title="Contact form" href="">contact us to book your charter.

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Certification-based Training and Classes

If you're interested in ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran certification training, we've got two choices to best suit your needs!

  • As part of your charter, you can set aside 2-3 days to go through the ASA 114 curriculum. Captain Steve Summers or Captain Phil Bylsma will lead you through the ASA courseware and help teach you all the facets of sailing and managing a big cat! If you are interested in adding ASA 114 training to your charter, the training fees are in additional to the daily boat and Captain fees.
  • If you are interested in a classroom experience, where you and several students, work together to complete the ASA training, we suggest taking a class with Seattle Sailing Club. They are a partner company that regularly teaches ASA 114 aboard Moon and Stars. Check their web site for schedule details and course fees.

If you decide to add ASA 114 training as part of your charter, you will be required to register with the Seattle Sailing Club to ensure your ASA membership is up to date, order books and pay for test registration. These items are separate fees from the standard charter fees.

One huge advantage of adding ASA 114 training to your charter is that you will have the opportunity to include training on items that are not normally covered in the curriculum. With Steve or Phil at your side, you'll be able to cover docking, close quarters manuvering, and flying spinnakers, and much more.


  • Get your ASA 114 certification today!

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