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Catamaran Yacht Charters in the Pacific Northwest


We get a lot of questions! Here's some of the most commonly asked questions...

What time can we pick up or drop off the boat?
A charter day technically starts and ends at midnight. This gives you the opportunity to set the schedule that best fits your plans.

Can we stay aboard Moon and Stars the night before?
Yes. Early boarding is possible for a reduced daily fee. Please be sure to mention early boarding when you contact us.

Can we charter the boat in half-day increments?
No, at this time charters are based on full days.

How can I see when the Moon and Stars yacht is available for charter?
Our Charter Vacation Calendar is always up to date! This makes it really easy for you to start planning your catamaran vacation.

Do you have any sample itineraries or suggestions on what we can do?
Yes! Check out the Sailing Vacation Itineraries page for some ideas!

What should I bring for clothing?
It's always cooler on the water. Please try to bring a waterproof jacket, or at least a windbreaker, and a fleece to keep you warm. Please no heeled shoes and only non-marking soles.

Can we pick up the boat at a different location?
Yes! Bareboat Plus Captain charters give you the flexibility to have the Captain meet you at your desired port of call. We charge 40% of the daily fee for each delivery day (i.e. the Captain is the only person onboard and is driving the boat to/from Everett Marina). The full Captain's service fee will be charged for each delivery day.  Basic Bareboat charters must depart and return from our home port, Everett Marina.

Do you require a security deposit? And is it refundable?
Each charter requires a security deposit. The amount depends on the charter type. Security deposits are refundable and returned after the charter has been completed and any charges (such as fuel) have been assessed.

What is not included in the charter cost?
The charter fee does not include food, local sales tax, fuel charges, and tax on fuel charges. Fuel charges are based on engine and generator hours expended during your checkout and/or charter. The fuel charge will be taken out of the security deposit.
For Bareboat Plus Captain charters, the Captain's fee does not include training.

How do children fare on catamarans?
Very well - especially since the boat is so nice and stable. They'll love exploring the hulls, watching the waves go by from the safety hatches, spotting wildlife, and, of course, playing on the trampoline. Happy kids make happy parents!
If you have a baby, please bring your car seat along.

Do you have life vests available for use?
Yes, we have 6 adult life vests aboard. If you are bringing children with you, please be sure to bring vests for them.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept cash, check, or PayPal. Any transaction fees (i.e. wire charges or credit card transaction fees) and fuel expenses will be charged against the security deposit. We'll return the security deposit in the form of a check.

What about food?
You will have to bring your own food. Keep in mind that for Bareboat Plus Captain charters it is customary to provide meals for your Captain when you dine on the boat.

What are your smoking and drinking policies?
Smoking is not allowed anywhere on Moon and Stars. You may bring alcohol on board but please drink responsibly and be aware of the Washington State sobriety laws.

What is your privacy policy?
We respect your privacy. When you contact us, we will only use your email address and the submitted information to answer your questions and get your charter setup. We won't use your information for any other purpose.


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