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FSH Editor Download

Have you noticed that Raymarine's archive.fsh file is nearly impossible to use? 

Raymarine doesn't even want to support the file format any more. A few years ago, they stopped supporting their own files. That's a shame. 

We have two Raymarine E-120W chart plotters onboard. We've always wanted to take our chart plotter data offline (i.e. off the boat) and use it in tools like OpenCPN and Bing/Google maps for analysis and sharing. Even though Raymarine doesn't want to provide support for their own files any more, the reality is that folks like us will continue to use their Raymarine chart plotters for years to come. We wanted an easy way to export and edit our FSH data...

We are proud to offer a Windows-based tool called FSH Editor! It will allow you view and edit your archive.fsh files!

Okean Voyaging is happy to share this tool with the world. This is our small contribution back to the open source community.

There's no reason your data should stay on the boat!

View your FSH routes quickly and easily

The FSH Editor tool allows you...

  • Open an archive.fsh file and view your Groups, Tracks, Routes and Waypoints.
  • Rename your Groups, Routes, Tracks and Waypoints
  • Plot your Groups, Tracks, Routes, and Waypoints using Bing mapping services
  • Export your Tracks, Routes and all Waypoints as GPX files
  • Edit Track colors
  • Edit Waypoint comments
  • Delete waypoints and routes
  • Edit and Reverse routes
  • Directly save your GPX files as an OpenCPN layer
  • And, most importantly, save the changes for import back into your Raymarine device!

Download FSH Editor today. It's free!


Looking for general info on how to use the tool?

Check out our help page.

Would you like to help improve the tool?

The source code for FSH Editor tool is available as an open source project. If you would like to contribute to the development of the tool and/or provide feedback, please check out the FSH-Editor GitHub repository.



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